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  • Correction of aesthetic imperfections

  • Rejuvenation and lifting of the skin from inside

  • Weight loss and body correction

  • Rest and relaxation, anti-stress

  • Body detoxification

  • General recovery, immunity improvement.

  • Increase the effectiveness of cosmetic treatments and preparation for aesthetic operations

  • Improve performance and athletic results in relation to training sessions




Aging is correlated with a reduction of cells' oxygen supply concomitant to a parallel decrease in oxygen demand by tissues. Various stresses lead to the production of free radical species (ROS reactive oxygen species), which damage structural and functional components of the cells.

Appearing in the mitochondria, ROS primarily damage the mitochondria themselves. Mitochondria are the energy plant of the body. When they malfunction, the body does not have adequate energy to perform its functions. The production of ROA  leads to a decrease in the efficiency of nutrient oxidation and leads to even greater production of ROS.

A vicious circle is created, and eventually the unbalanced mitochondria become the main producers of free radicals, which can poison and kill not only the cell itself, but also its neighbors, causing various pathologies and ageing.

With celloxy you can repair the body´s antioxidant system and improve the quality of the mitochondrias. With celloxy therapy, the tissue oxygen consumption increases, which designates rejuvenation of the mitochondrial pool and rejuvenation of the organism as a whole.

Cataldi A, Di Giulio C. "Oxygen supply" as modulator of aging processes: hypoxia and hyperoxia models for aging studies. Curr Aging Sci. 2009 Jul;2(2):95-102. doi: 10.2174/1874609810902020095. PMID: 20021403.


Amongst others, damaged mitochondria have been found to be directly linked to the metabolism functioning. IHHT has been found to lead to weight loss even in people suffering from metabolic syndrome, whereas combined with exercise

it has been found as a useful tool for managing obesity.   

By using IHHT therapy, fat mass will be reduced  accompanied by a reduction of total cholesterol, LDL, GPN, optimization of blood pressure, increased hypoxic stability and physical endurance.

Glazachev O. S. , Zvenigorodskaia L.A., Dudnik E.N., Iartseva L.A., Mishchenkova T.V., Platonenko A.V., Spirina G.K. (2010). Interval hypoxic-hyperoxic training in the treatment of the metabolic syndrome. Eksp Klin Gastroenterol. (7):5, 1-6.


The oxidative imbalance appears to have an important role in anxiety development. Studies in both humans and animals have shown a strong correlation between anxiety and oxidative stress. Mitochondrial, energy metabolism, and oxidative stress alterations are observed in high anxiety, conversely, changes in mitochondrial function can lead to heightened anxiety.

IHHT will help mitochondria to keep their  metabolic integrity and their capacity  to maintain energetic parameters and ultimately cellular stability. By all means stress management and relaxation will be therefore achieved.

On the same time more and more scientific work proves the enhanced cognitive and mental performance of people having IHHT training. With improved concentration and clarity, meditative exercise will be performed in its best possible way offering the absolute leisure.

Bayera, U., Likarb R., Pintera, G., Stettnerc, H., Demscharb, S., Trummer, B., Neuwerschb, S., Glazachevd, O., Burtschere, M. (2017). Intermittent hypoxic–hyperoxic training on cognitive performance in geriatric patients. Alzheimers and dementia: Translational Research and Clinical Interventions 3, 114-122


It is not only the cognitive and mental performance that it is improved with IHHT training.

Increased working capacity and performance has been found to be a result of IHT and IHHT training not only in high performance athletes,  but also in healthy and not senior men.

Scientists are now broadening their researches to investigate how it affects the working capacity of non athlete population. The results ensure the safety of the procedure and its efficacy on healthy even senior men.

Schegaa, L., Peter, B., Brigadski T., Leßmannb, V., Isermannd, B., Hamacher, D., Törpel, A. (2016). Effect of intermittent normobaric hypoxia on aerobic capacity and cognitive function in older people. Journal of Science Medicine and Sport, (19):11, 941-945

Shatilo, V. B., Korkushko, O. V., Ischuk, V. A., Downey, F. H., Serebrovskavya, T. V. (2008). Effects of Intermittent Hypoxia Training on Exercise Performance, Hemodynamics, and Ventilation in Healthy Senior Men.  High Altitude Medicine and Biology, (9):1, 43-52

Amongst others IHHT and IHT provides the opportunity to improve the physical performance in people who struggle to traditionally exercise  but yet they need to do so. People in post cardio or any other type of surgery, will have the opportunity to improve their working capacity and performance.


It is universally accepted that the only way Medicine will go onwards is by focusing on prevention. To do so there is a shift , not on boosting our immune system when it is fighting against a disease but to provide it beforehand with the best armoury possible to win battles quickly and without fighting even. IHT training has proven to mobilize circulating hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells enhancing innate immunity.

Serebrovskaya, T. V., Nikolsky, I. S.M, Nikolska, V.V., Mallet, R.T. Ishchuk. V.A. (2011) Intermittent hypoxia mobilizes hematopoietic progenitors and augments cellular and humoral elements of innate immunity in adult men.High Alt. Med. Biol.,12:243–252 

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